Inclusion Support Consultations (2-10)

Inclusion Support Consultations (2-10)

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At Northside Speech we understand that all children (including children with disabilities) learn language and social communication skills through their daily interactions and experiences.

We also understand that communication support needs can make it difficult to access and learn from the diverse activities and social opportunities available to abled people.

Inclusion support consultations are:

  • Our way of supporting people with communication support needs to access and participate in activities and social groups that match their interests
  • One-off consultations or short-term supports providing strategies that support children with disabilities to participate and learn from mainstream or group-based activities
  • Focussed on supporting language and social communication skills through mainstream or supported social experiences

Strategies provided are individualised, and are tailored to your concerns and your goals


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Before your consultation you will need to think about:

  • Your concerns: why are you seeking a speech pathology consultation?

E.g. what is currently making it difficult for your child to participate in the activity or group? What do you think might be difficult for your child when they start the activity or program?

  • Your goals: what are you hoping to get out of the consultation?

E.g. what would you like your child to learn from the group or activity?

  • Funding or documentation requirements: are you using funding (e.g. Medicare or health insurance) to help pay for your assessment? Or are you hoping to apply for funding (e.g. NDIS)?

If either of these is the case, it is important that you tell us, as there are specific requirements we need to meet. 

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You will need to tell us about your concernsyour goals for the assessment, and any funding or documentation needs before the day. You will need to complete:

The more information about your concerns and your goals that you provide, the better we can plan and tailor the consultation to your needs. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers, but the more you tell us about your concerns and your goals, the better we can know what to investigate in your consultation.


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Consultations vary, and are tailored to your concerns and goals. There is no one “standard” speech pathology consultation.

Consultations will always involve:

  • Lots of talking and discussion with you about your concerns and your goals
  • Ideas and strategies you can take home and try in the activity or social group

Depending on your concerns and goals, consultations may also include:

  • Listening to your child’s speech in conversation or while talking about a favourite item or activity
  • Observing the way your child normally communicates with you (such as asking for help with a toy or game)
  • Asking for information from other people, such as family members, teachers, or other people who support your child


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This service accepts NDIS participants, as well as individuals who are not NDIS participants.

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