Communication difficulties are common, but some types of difficulties can be hidden.

If you are concerned, speak to us about whether an assessment may be appropriate.

If you or your child have been referred by another professional, we can work with you to determine how best to provide support.

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We offer treatments for people who experience communication difficulties.

We work towards the goals that are relevant to you and your life. These goals may be related to skills such as:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Understanding
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Social interaction
  • Complex communication needs (e.g. AAC strategies)
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We can work with parents, carers, educators, and support workers to provide a variety of training options.

We can help you to develop your skills in supporting the communication needs and development of those in your care.

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At Northside Speech, Language and Literacy:

  • We are honest. We will tell you the truth about you or your child’s results. We will not recommend therapy if it is not needed. We will explain our fees and policies before we start working with you.
  • We care. We are passionate about helping those who need it the most. We have experience working with families facing difficult circumstances, and where multiple professionals, supports, and care teams are involved.
  • We provide quality service. We do not fill our diary with appointments, but we spend time researching and planning for every booking. We are involved in a range of professional networks, and commit to regular continuing professional development.
  • We collaborate. We will work with you and other key figures in your life to identify what supports will work for you. We can provide tailored recommendations and training to healthcare providers, education teams, support workers, and care teams.
  • We work in the community. We are a mobile service. We will collaborate with you to find the location that is most suitable, whether that is at home, childcare, school, in the park, or even at the cafe.