Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-Up Appointments

Before the appointment

  • You will have strategies or activities to try at home from your initial appointment.

On the day of the appointment

  • Bring any materials you need for the strategies you have been using at home. Be prepared to practice these strategies during the appointment.
  • Bring a way to pay for your appointment.

During the appointment

1. The speech pathologist will review your progress towards your goals since your last appointment. The speech pathologist will discuss this with you, and may listen to you/your partner’s/your child’s speech.

2. The speech pathologist will discuss the strategies you have tried since the last appointment, and will ask about what has/hasn’t worked, and any difficulties you have encountered.

3. The speech pathologist will observe your strategies or treatment activities (with your partner or child, if applicable).

4. The speech pathologist will discuss recommendations for next steps, based on your response to the current strategies. You will work with the speech pathologist to decide which option(s) to try next. This typically includes:

  • Continuing the current strategies or treatment activities for a longer period of time
  • Modifying the current strategies or treatment activities if they have not produced the expected results
  • Introducing a new or different treatment strategy or treatment activity

5. The speech pathologist will demonstrate any modifications or new strategies. You will work with the speech pathologist, and practice using the strategies yourself as you feel confident. The speech pathologist will give you any help needed, and will answer any questions you have.

6. The speech pathologist will make a plan with you about how you can use this strategy at home to continue working towards your goals.

After the appointment

  • You will pay for the appointment. With the exception of plan-managed and NDIA-managed NDIS participants, we require full payment on the day.
  • The speech pathologist will send you any necessary materials to use your strategy at home.
  • You will try the strategies you have learnt at home. You will be able to note what has/hasn’t worked, any difficulties you encounter, and any questions you have for the speech pathologist.
  • If relevant, and ongoing appointments are required, you will be booked into a regular appointment slot.
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