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Voice Care for Teachers

Voice Care for Teachers Teachers are professional voice users. They rely on their voice to do their job, and use their voices much more than many other professionals. This heavy voice use means that teachers are also prone to voice problems. Some studies have estimated that every year as many as 20% of teachers experience[…]

Teaching in a Mask

Teaching in a Mask Teachers and school communities in the ACT have been given a timeline for the return to face-to-face learning for the final weeks of 2021. When face-to-face learning resumes, all adults on campus will be required to wear face masks (including teachers and visitors). School communities in many regions have already experienced[…]

What is Developmental Language Disorder?

What is Developmental Language Disorder? What causes developmental language disorder? There is no single cause of developmental language disorder (DLD), but it does tend to run in families. Some factors, such as frequent ear infections, can make it worse, but they do not cause DLD. Other factors, such as early intervention, can make it better,[…]

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